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Best in Class Service Meets Modern Rail Technology

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The freight rail industry relies on a complex network of railroads, shippers, 3PLs, lessors, and terminals working seamlessly to ensure smooth operations. In order to deliver everyday goods to homes and businesses across the country, rail and intermodal companies are adopting modern technology that enables them to be more efficient, safe, and sustainable. Ultimately this allows them to better serve the needs of the diverse array of customers utilizing freight rail in their supply chains. 

Rail provides many unique benefits to shippers, most notably cost savings and reduced emissions, as compared to other modes of transportation. These benefits empower shippers to capture increased savings while improving their environmental impact.

Freight rail operations are nuanced and require keen expertise. Fortunately, the right technology, coupled with the right people offers simplicity to rail shippers and logistics firms. So what happens when best-in-class service meets best-in-class technology? Telegraph and Watco put this question to the test, and have been delighting customers with the results.

Strength in Proactive Visibility

Rail shippers are well accustomed to reactive operations. 70% of all rail shipments move on multiple railroads, which means shippers are reliant on multiple companies to provide accurate and timely tracking. In order to track a shipment from point A to point B, a typical rail shipper relies on old-school methods such as: portals, spreadsheets, and emails. This means hours are spent communicating back and forth among different parties, rather than proactively actioning shipments in need of attention.

Telegraph partners directly with railroads, shippers, terminals, and logistics companies to simplify inbound pipeline management.  With enhanced rail visibility and exception management tools, shippers can anticipate delays and pivot when necessary; with streamlined communications, teams can communicate more efficiently whether they are in the office or out in the yard; with advanced rail analytics, shippers can glean business critical insights into network trends. Ultimately, providing good service means being proactive, with the ability to inform your customers about what is happening so that they can make adjustments and avoid the unnecessary costs associated with delayed shipments.

Stability in Proactive Service

Watco, an industry leading 3PL with operations in both the U.S. and Australia, is committed to serving their customers and solving any supply chain challenge. Their 40 years of expertise allow them to provide an unparalleled end-to-end experience tailored for their customers’ unique supply chain needs. Watco Logistics teams leverage Telegraph’s suite of cloud-based tools to empower shippers with clear rail visibility insights, ultimately delivering on their commitment to provide exceptional service on every load. Watco customers now have access to real-time visibility of their rail and intermodal shipments, eliminating the need for static reporting or web scraping siloed portals.

Ben Hanson, VP of Logistics Sales at Watco, notes, When you can come to the table with your customer with something else that has some value and some merit, and say, these are the things we are doing….this gives you the visibility to see where your shipment might be before things become an issue, and you can make decisions before that, that is what they want to see, that is what makes their life easier.” The combination of Watco’s dedicated service with Telegraph’s modern rail technology is giving shippers the ability to make strategic real-time decisions in their supply chain.

Watco demonstrates true commitment to their customer experience. By partnering with Telegraph, Watco provides best in class service for rail shippers, simplifying historically complex workflows and empowering shippers to reap the benefits of the most critical transportation mode in the North American supply chain.

Reach out to our team today to schedule a demo and learn more about Telegraph’s modern rail platform. 

Visit Watco to learn more about their customer experience and end-to-end supply chain solutions.


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