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Rail Integrations are Complicated

Line haul prices, fuel surcharges, shipment locations, and cycle times are difficult to access. A lack of information often leads to a lack of utilization.

Icon depicting various railroad providers highlighting the challenge of multiple connections
Multiple Providers, Multiple Connections

No singular feed for pricing, waybilling, visibility, or reporting exists across railroads, meaning operators lack clarity.

Icon with a railroad crossing symbol indicating enterprise systems not tailored for rail connectivity
Not Designed for Enterprise Systems

The various TMS, WMS, and ERP systems are powerful, but they often lack rail-friendly connectivity.

Clock icon symbolizing the increased time, resources, and costs involved in rail integration
Time + Resources + Cost

Months in development time and budgetary overruns make it harder for enterprises to incorporate rail into their workflows.


Seamless API Integrations

Telegraph’s carload + intermodal programming interface is easy to use, seamless to integrate, and provide unparalleled accessibility. API is a game changer for freight rail operations.

Graphic showcasing Telegraph API integration, revolutionizing ease of access and efficiency in freight rail operations

Our Freight Rail API consolidates your rail data into one feed. Reach out today to see a demo!