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How Empowered People Empower an Industry: An Inside Look at the Telegraph Team

Freight train hauling containers across a desert landscape at dusk, highlighting the vastness of rail transport

Telegraph is on a mission to make shipping by rail more accessible. 

To accomplish this, we’ve created a transparent operating system that streamlines data into multiple APIs and gives customers a simple-to-use interface with the flexibility to streamline major freight rail workflows.

But what makes this technology transformational is the team behind the operating system. Our work is driven by a team of builders, developers, and operators who fundamentally understand the rail industry’s importance within American society.

Video still of pedestrians crossing a street under an elevated train track in an urban environment

With professional backgrounds that include Uber, Outdoorsy, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Coyote, Norfolk Southern, and BNSF, our team members work hard to ensure the “why” of Telegraph always focuses on the individuals who keep the rail industry in motion. We fully recognize how hard railroaders, operators, shippers — honestly, anyone in the industry — works every day. 

From the heat of the classification bowl in Barstow, California to the snow-covered cranes in Rutherford, Pennsylvania, rail employees are working at all hours and in all conditions to ensure customers receive their shipments on time and in good order. Yet, in today’s world, shippers and logistics companies have a pressing need to predict, plan, and execute their operations in a fully integrated and digitized manner. 

“We know the industry; we know the pain points of logistics because we have walked in those shoes,” says Telegraph Launch Manager, Sydney Schreiber. “Connecting with our customers through that fundamental shared experience allows us to bring our product to life.”  

Our team’s experience, background, and passion for the freight industry are the driving forces behind Telegraph’s innovative platform. We make every decision by asking ourselves whether it will make a positive impact for our customers. 

In one instance, we spent time discussing how a detailed transit time or cycle analysis exposes costs so that an inland commercial leader can make the best decisions when it comes to fleet sizing or demurrage risk. 

In another scenario, our team worked to help an operator eliminate typing or clicking by natively surfacing exceptions within a custom dashboard. By gaining a clear understanding of this challenge, we were able to provide one-click document uploads within the visibility module and save countless hours of copying and pasting. 

Telegraph’s informed decision-making and cutting-edge products create ripple effects that positively impact the daily work of 140,000 people in the railway sector — and the lives of millions across North America. 

The widespread effect that Telegraph’s products will have on the future of freight motivates our work, day in and day out. “It is not the work we do today; it is the work we do every day,” said CEO, Harris Ligon. “Railroads have been moving America since the 1800s. We are fortunate to support a trend of growth that has been occurring for centuries. One of our values, “always be creating,” reminds us that progress is not a thought exercise — it is a commitment to consistent and persistent effort on behalf of our customers.”

We believe not only in the vitality of the rail industry, but also in the influence that this mode of transportation has on the betterment of society. The positive impact can be seen through: 

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a more sustainable supply chain 
  • Removing trucks from the nation’s underinvested and congested highway network
  • Providing streamlined technology that improves the lives of individuals who operate and maintain the industry
  • Empowering shippers to leverage the inherent cost and capacity benefits of the freight rail network

Telegraph’s employees believe the best is yet to come. According to Head of Engineering, Lucas Scavone, “The team we have built is truly special, and I’m excited to continue adding innovators to our growing organization. When you join the Telegraph team, we are committed to developing you personally and professionally.” 

Whether you’re a shipper looking to improve logistics or a rail professional wanting a new opportunity, join us in the freight rail revolution. Contact us today to see how Telegraph’s technology can streamline your logistics or advance your career!


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